Having Faith in the Universe’s Abundance

Just when you least expect it, the Universe will show you that you are completely provided for in a spectacular way. This just happened to a dear friend of mine who has been the leader in my group of friends on the idea of abundance. She has taught us all about trusting that things will work out and that money can flow to us.  She used to send off her payment checks with a happy thought to the receiver and gratitude that her bills were easily paid.

As is the way of things these days, the Universe has challenged her financially in the past couple of years and she started to feel distress about money. She started to worry about spending any money and just felt her physical body begin to tighten up. Then just for fun, the Universe sent her an amazing challenge. Her previous home sale fell through and she had to return  to the city she used to live in and get her old house in shape to sell. The people who had been living there, left it in complete disrepair. My friend had to spend almost a month hiring contractors to get her home back in shape to sell, all while being told that she would never be able to sell it for what she originally paid.

All of this stress just pushed her to a breaking point, and suddenly she just handed it over to God. She realized that she was not in control of these events other than her attitude and her prayers. She just let go of the worry about the money and did what needed to be done. Returning to her new home and life, she began to look at all the ways in which this experience had been a blessing of sorts. When she realized she was starting to worry about money again, she consciously relaxed again.

A week after she returned home she received a letter asking her to call the business where her deceased brother had worked. When she called, she found out that she was the sole beneficiary of his IRA. Now, he had died 4 1/2 years ago and she had absolutely no idea about this. Apparently it had taken the company some time to find her since she had moved and married, so had a new name.  Over the course of the phone call she realized to her complete shock, that her brother had left her a small fortune, something she could not have imagined as he had been in a nursing home for the past 25 years of his life. She is still in awe of the way in which the Universe has supported her and provided her with more than she needed and the feeling that she is always supported, never alone.

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